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Where can I check the hotel records (How to find out where you stayed in a hotel)

There was a we-media operation room that made such a dirty tech thing,

I started randomly selecting a few “lucky spectators” on the street, assuming that they were typing their ID numbers into the machine,

All the room records can be traced. A hostess found a couple taking wedding photos on the street,

After a few moments of respite, the host leaned in and asked if they would accept the test.

At first, they didn’t know what it was for checking until the host explained that it was time to check room records.

The groom was very interested in this item and wanted to check it immediately, but the bride stopped him.

The bride didn’t want to go through this, and she tried to stop the groom,

They even had to send the presenters away, indicating not to delay their wedding photos.

But the bridegroom’s curiosity was so strong that he concentrated on checking it out,

He persuaded the bride to do the same, but she grew impatient,

After all direct angry, say to groom “this wedding gauze photograph do you still want to take?”

The bridegroom also knew what he had learned here, and began to become agitated, indicating that the bride had homework to hide from her.

After all, the bride directly turned her head and walked away, and the groom did not chase after her.

This host was also embarrassed, did not think that just a brief inspection should be made to this point

You said the host is the same, choose who is the best, choose a pair of people who are about to get married,

Who hasn’t clicked on it? Isn’t that a deliberate provocation? What do you think about that?